Hey now, you can't own the Internet. You have to learn to share.
Well, what the heck is the Internet?
(Glad you asked.)

The Internet is actually an international network of smaller networks of computers hooked together.  Information travels through fiber optic cables and phone lines from one computer on the Internet to another.

The Internet actually includes different "protocols" like email, Web, FTP, and telnet.  The Web is actually only one component of the Internet.  To access the Web you use software called browsers, such as Netscape and Internet Explorer.

Have you heard people say -- "I found it on Netscape."? 
That's silly -- Netscape is just the software they used.  That's like telling your professor "I found it in the library."

Knowing what you're looking at on the Internet, where you found it, and how to cite it are important skills.

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